Angry Brids

It is official, the world’s richest man has completed his Twitter takeover for $44 bn, thus ending the courtroom drama that had been generated over the last few months, when after Mr Musk tried to walk away from the original deal due to concerns regarding the number of bot accounts, the Twitter board took the matter to the judicial grounds, alleging he was legally committed to the acquisition. Hundreds of dollars’ worth of lawyers later, Mr Musk decided to complete the takeover at the agreed price per share early this October. The platform’s shares will be suspended from trading on Friday.

There seems to be great change ahead, as Mr Musk as declared his intention to promote free speech in the platform, and eventually turn it into platform X. Some sources are suggesting that this new platform will aim to mimic the success and functionalities of WeChat, a Chinese app that incorporates different services such as Messaging, social, media, payments and food orders.

The move comes rigth after the European Commission published the Digital Services Act (27 October) and the Digital Markets Act (12 October), a set of regulations aimed towards having more control over the Big Tech in the EU.

Source: Twitter

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